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M and S – Marks & Spencers is one of the leading UK retailers both manufacturing and stocking very high quality goods ranging from contemporary furniture items to the highest quality food! M and S stores are located across the UK, but you can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your own home with the M and S Online Shopping website.

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M and S have over 600 stores located across the UK, which includes the largest store which is located in Marble Arch, London. In addition to this M and S have over 240 stores worldwide, in 34 countries, including 219 M and S franchises. M and S have a large range of shops at motorway service stations, which provide a wide selection of food goods, of which are a firm favourite with the traveller, and include high quality food products whilst on the move.


Marks ans Spencers offer the following shopping sectors:

– Marks and Spencers Menswear

– Marks and Spencers Womenswear

– Marks and Spencers Lingerie

– Marks and Spencers Entertainment

– Marks and Spencers Kids

– Marks and Spencers Travel

– Marks and Spencers for the home

– Marks and Spencers Technology

– Marks and Spencers Flowers and gifts

– Marks and Spencers Food and wine

– Marks and Spencers Money

Each sector from Marks ans Spencers holds 100’s or even 1000’s of products. You can be sure to find exactly what you are looking for whether it be a new sofa for your home, or something for the summer BBQ Marks ans Spencer will have it all. Find out more of what Marks ans Spencer offer

M and S facts

In 1884 Michael Marks formed a partnership with Tom Spencer. This was the beginning of something which today is huge. Marks ans Spencers are one of the leading retailers in the UK. If only they could see where Marks ans Spencers would end up today.

In 1908 the St Micheal trademark was registered

In 1932 the first of many cafe bars were introduced in some M and S stores.

In 1956 the first stores in Continental Europe opened.

1980 was the launch of the first M and S website

In 2002 Marks ans Spencer announced that they were the first ever foot retailer to use only free range eggs in their products.

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