Hotel Sun Palace in Rhodes

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Hotel Sun Palace in Rhodes – First Choice Splash Resort


Hotel Sun Palace First Choice Splash Resort

The Hotel Sun Palace in Rhodes

Hotel Sun Palace in Rhodes
The Hotel Sun Palace in Rhodes

Should you be on the lookout for a family holiday in the sun, somewhere which may well suit your needs is the “Hotel Sun Palace” on the
Greek island of Rhodes. The Hotel Sun Palace has just about everything you – and most importantly, the kids – will need to enjoy a few
days in the sun. Holidays to Hotel Sun Palace are available from First Choice Holidays; and you may already know this, but all First Choice
holidays are now all-inclusive, so once you’ve paid for your holiday all the meals and drinks – as well as much of the entertainment and
activities – are all free of charge.

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Free entry to waterpark

Waterpark at Hotel Sun Palace
Free entry to waterpark at Hotel Sun Palace

What makes Hotel Sun Palace really special though is that you get free entry to the waterpark: and not just once, but
throughout the duration of your holiday. Now that is a fantastic way of keeping the nippers entertained. You’re not
going to get many shouts of “I’m bored” when there’s unlimited access to the waterpark. And if your nippers are actually
teenagers, you can leave them to get on with it, while you soak up a little of that Greek sun.

Near to beaches

If you want to leave the waterpark and the all-inclusive benefits of Hotel Sun Palace, and head to the beach –
you’ll be pleased to hear that you won’t have to travel far: the beach is only 300 metres from Hotel Sun Palace –
so you can spend the day at the beach, and still pop back for your all-inclusive lunch.

Try Hotel Sun Palace Splash Resort from First Choice

The Hotel Sun Palace is a First Choice Splash World Resort. All the Splash World resorts are near waterparks, and have
free entry to that waterpark. And, as I mentioned earlier, all First Choice holidays are all-inclusive.

It’s well worth having a closer look at Hotel Sun Palace on Rhodes for your next family holiday. Or, if you fancy a Splash Resort;
just not the one on Rhodes, you can always have a look at all the Splash World Resorts from First Choice. There’s
bound to be something to take your fancy.

Wherever you take your family on holiday, I hope you have a great time – and the kids don’t complain too much!