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Columbus Direct Travel Insurance – get your annual and single trip travel insurance from a specialist


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Columbus Direct Travel Insurance – specialists in travel insurance

Columbus Direct Travel Insurance
Columbus Direct Travel Insurance

If you’re going on holiday this year – and that includes both the UK and abroad-
you’re going to need some kind of travel insurance. When you book your holiday you’ll be
offered your holiday insurance at the time of booking. Most people just say “yeah, alright then”,
and take the travel insurance that’s offered. Don’t do that though! It’s worth having a look round,
and seeing what offers there are out there.

One such place for you to try is Columbus Direct, a specialist holiday insurance provider, Columbus Direct have
the potential to save you money on our next holiday insurance purchase – and even if it
turns out that your holiday insurance is cheaper with the people you book your holiday through,
you can always go back to them and buy their insurance instead – but it costs nothing to get a
quote from Columbus Direct.

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Single policy or annual policy

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want to buy a holiday insurance policy for one holiday,
or whether you’re planning on going on more than one holiday this year (you lucky people).

If just the one holiday is in the offing, then, obviously, a single holiday insurance policy is called for –
if, on the other hand, you think you’ll have more than one holiday this year, it may well be worth your while
to get the annual policy – which will cover as many holidays as you can handle during the course of the year!

Columbus Direct holiday insurance

Whatever you decide is right for you, make sure you get a holiday insurance quote from Columbus Direct before you make a purchase.
You may well end up thanking me for pointing you in their direction…

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