Butlins Adult Weekends

Butlins Adult Party Weekends

Butlins Adult Weekends are, quite simply, the most fun you can have in 3 nights, anywhere in the UK. Perfect for stag nights and hen nights in 2016 and 2017, anniversaries, birthday celebrations or just a for a group of people to get together and enjoy the weekend. The great thing about Butlins adult weekends is that you can choose the weekend, the music, the acts and, of course, the time.

Butlins adult weekends run at all 3 of Butlins’ resorts – Skegness, Minehead and Bognor Regis. And what’s more Butlins adult weekenders run throughout the whole year – January to December – and include special themed adult weekends in the Summer with the Hot Summer Party Weekends and at Christmas and New Year.

Because Butlins adult weekends run through out the year, they are bookable up to 18 months in advance. That means you can book your next Butlins weekend for any date in 2016 and even 2017 right now. Prices based on 4 adults sharing self-catering accommodation – alternative accommodation is available including dinner, bed and breakfast and hotel accommodation at certain venues.

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Butlins Retro Selection Adult Weekends and Dates in 2016 and 2017

Butlins Stars of the 60s: Turn back time with Butlins Festival of the 60s weekends. Pull out the mini skirt, beehive and thin ties for the guys.

Butlins We Love the 70s: It’s flares, loud shirts and sideburns all the way with Butlins 70s weekends. See glam rock at its finest with Butlins great 70s weekends.

Butlins Ultimate 80s: Drag out the mullet, shoulder pads and frilly shirts if you dare and re-live one of the wackiest December for music at Butlins’ 80s Madness weekends.

Butlins 90s Reloaded: Not so long ago but have you forgotten the fun? The boy bands, trendy suits and acid music. See stars from the recent past with 90s Reloaded weekends.

Dance your way through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s with Butlins Retro adult party weekends. See stars from the past perform live on stage at Skegness, Bognor Regis and Minehead. See Chesney Hawkes, Alvin Stardust, Alexander O’Neill, Rick Astley, The Real Thing, Hermans Hermits, Bad Manners, Nick Heyward from Haircut 100, Musical Youth, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Slade and many, many more

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MINEHEAD 10 JUN- 13 JUN 2016 90s Reloaded
BOGNOR REGIS 17 JUN- 20 JUN 2016 Absolute 80s Weekender
MINEHEAD 17 JUN- 20 JUN 2016 Absolute 80s Weekender
BOGNOR REGIS 2 SEP- 5 SEP 2016 90s Reloaded
MINEHEAD 9 SEP- 12 SEP 2016 90s Reloaded: Ibiza Legends
BOGNOR REGIS 16 SEP- 19 SEP 2016 Soul Weekender
SKEGNESS 16 SEP- 19 SEP 2016 90s Reloaded
BOGNOR REGIS 23 SEP- 26 SEP 2016 We Love the 70s feat. The Osmonds
MINEHEAD 23 SEP- 26 SEP 2016 Ultimate 80s: Hit Factory Live
BOGNOR REGIS 30 SEP- 3 OCT 2016 Here and Now The Very Best of the 80s
SKEGNESS 30 SEP- 3 OCT 2016 Absolute 80s Weekender
MINEHEAD 7 OCT- 10 OCT 2016 We Love the 70s
MINEHEAD 28 OCT- 31 OCT 2016 Absolute 80s Weekender: Halloween Ball
SKEGNESS 4 NOV- 7 NOV 2016 We Love the 70s
BOGNOR REGIS 11 NOV- 14 NOV 2016 Absolute 80s Weekender
BOGNOR REGIS 18 NOV- 21 NOV 2016 90s Reloaded
SKEGNESS 9 DEC- 12 DEC 2016 Festival of the 60s
MINEHEAD 20 JAN- 23 JAN 2017 Festival of the 60s
BOGNOR REGIS 27 JAN- 30 JAN 2017 Ultimate 80s: Hit Factory Live
BOGNOR REGIS 3 FEB- 6 FEB 2017 We Love the 70s
SKEGNESS 3 FEB- 6 FEB 2017 Ultimate 80s
MINEHEAD 24 FEB- 27 FEB 2017 Ultimate 80s – Here and Now Special
SKEGNESS 3 MAR- 6 MAR 2017 90s Reloaded
BOGNOR REGIS 10 MAR- 13 MAR 2017 Ultimate 80s
SKEGNESS 10 MAR- 13 MAR 2017 Festival of the 60s
MINEHEAD 17 MAR- 20 MAR 2017 90s Reloaded
SKEGNESS 17 MAR- 20 MAR 2017 We Love the 70s
MINEHEAD 24 MAR- 27 MAR 2017 We Love the 70s
BOGNOR REGIS 21 APR- 24 APR 2017 90s Reloaded
BOGNOR REGIS 5 MAY- 8 MAY 2017 Ultimate 80s
SKEGNESS 5 MAY- 8 MAY 2017 Ultimate 80s
BOGNOR REGIS 16 JUN- 19 JUN 2017 Ultimate 80s
MINEHEAD 16 JUN- 19 JUN 2017 Ultimate 80s
Bognor Regis 8 September – 11 Sep 2017 90s Reloaded
Minehead 8 September – 11 Sep 2017 90s Reloaded
Skegness 15 September – 18 Sep 2017 90s Reloaded
Bognor Regis 22 September – 25 Sep 2017 We Love the 70s
Minehead 22 September – 25 Sep 2017 Ultimate 80s: Hit Factory Live
Skegness 29 September – 2 Oct 2017 Ultimate 80s
Bognor Regis 29 September – 2 Oct 2017 Here and Now The Very Best of the 80s
Minehead 6 October – 9 Oct 2017 We Love the 70s
Skegness 3 November – 6 Nov 2017 We Love the 70s
Bognor Regis 10 November – 13 Nov 2017 Ultimate 80s
Bognor Regis 17 November – 20 Nov 2017 90s Reloaded

Butlins Party Selection Adult Weekends and Dates 2016 and 2017

Butlins Hot Summer Party Weekends: Enjoy the warm evenings and great bands with Butlins Hot Summer Party Weekends: You can book your Butlins Hot Summer Party Weekends for 2013 now.

Butlins party weekends are a great time to celebrate the Summer and Winter with Butlins. From Pimms and cocktails in the Summer (and Winter too for that matter) to great indoor fun in December, Butlins party selection adult weekends are a great way to let your hair down at holiday time.

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BOGNOR REGIS 10 JUN- 13 JUN 2016 Hot Summer Party
SKEGNESS 17 JUN- 20 JUN 2016 Hot Summer Party

BOGNOR REGIS 9 JUN- 12 JUN 2017 Hot Summer Party

Butlins Music Weekends and Special Dates 2016 and 2017

Butlins Disco Inferno Weekends: Heavy DISCO weekends from Butlins. Recapture that Saturday Night Fever mood with these great weekends and sing along with disco legends.
Butlins Skool Reunion Weekends: A disco with a twist as it’s time to recapture your youth and school disco feel. Join in the fun and enjoy that long forgotten feeling with Butlins great Skool Reunion adult weekends.

Butlins Soul and Motown Weekends: Solid gold and smooth Motown feel, Butlins Soul & Motown adult weekenders turn back the clock to that great Motown era.

Butlins Rock and Blues Weekends: Rock and Blues at its finest with Butlins popular Rock & Blues weekends. A variety of great rock, country and blues music and dress how you feel it should be enjoyed.

Butlins Great British Folk Festival: Celebrating all great folk music in the UK exclusively at Butlins.

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BOGNOR REGIS 16 SEP- 19 SEP 2016 Soul Weekender
SKEGNESS 23 SEP- 26 SEP 2016 Northern Soul Survivors Weekender
SKEGNESS 7 OCT- 10 OCT 2016 The Great British Alternative Music Festival
BOGNOR REGIS 7 OCT- 10 OCT 2016 Rockaway Beach
BOGNOR REGIS 4 NOV- 7 NOV 2016 Disco Inferno
MINEHEAD 11 NOV- 14 NOV 2016 Shiiine On Weekender
MINEHEAD 18 NOV- 21 NOV 2016 Madness House of Fun Weekender
MINEHEAD 25 NOV- 28 NOV 2016 Darts Players Championship Finals
BOGNOR REGIS 25 NOV- 28 NOV 2016 Soul Weekender
BOGNOR REGIS 2 DEC- 5 DEC 2016 Bootleg Christmas Ball
SKEGNESS 2 DEC- 5 DEC 2016 The Great British Folk Festival
BOGNOR REGIS 20 JAN- 23 JAN 2017 Ibiza Legends
SKEGNESS 20 JAN- 23 JAN 2017 The Great British Rock and Blues Festival
MINEHEAD 27 JAN- 30 JAN 2017 Giants of Rock
SKEGNESS 27 JAN- 30 JAN 2017 Legends of Soul Weekender
SKEGNESS 24 FEB- 27 FEB 2017 Bootleg Ball
BOGNOR REGIS 3 MAR- 6 MAR 2017 Soul Weekender
BOGNOR REGIS 12 MAY- 15 MAY 2017 Back Together
MINEHEAD 12 MAY- 15 MAY 2017 Soul Weekender
Bognor Regis 15 September – 18 Sep 2017 Soul Weekender
Skegness 22 September – 25 Sep 2017 Northern Soul Survivors Weekender
Skegness 6 October – 9 Oct 2017 The Great British Alternative Music Festival
Minehead 27 October – 30 Oct 2017 Ultimate 80s: Halloween Ball
Bognor Regis 3 November – 6 Nov 2017 Disco Inferno
Bognor Regis 24 November – 27 Nov 2017 Soul Weekender
Skegness 1 December – 4 Dec 2017 The Great British Folk Festival

60s weekends at Butlins

70s weekends at Butlins

80s weekends at Butlins

90s weekends at Butlins

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