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Thomson Villas - Thomson Holidays are a good place to look for your next villa holiday. There's late-deals too.

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Thomson Holidays villas
Villas from Thomson Holidays
Well known for package holidays in all the popular tourist location around the world, Thomson Holidays are, perhaps, less well known for villa holidays. However, Thomson do indeed have a good selection of villas in Europe for you to choose from - and there's a handful in Florida too, should you want to venture a little further afield.

One of the advantages with booking your villa holiday with Thomson Holidays is that you can get a flight as part of the holiday deal. So your villa holiday is affectively a "package holiday". Although a package holiday conjures up images of hotel accommodation, this doesn't have to be the case. And a villa holiday can be booked as a package holiday - and all the benefits that affords you.

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Why book a villa with Thomson

As Thomson Holidays have thousands of package holidays on offer, they also have lots of flights jetting off to all the popular destinations - so when you book your villa with Thomson, you can also book yourself onto one of their charter flights too. This stops the hassle of having to book your villa, then try and book some flights with another operator. Or, booking your flights (to get the best deal), and then trying to book a villa which fits in with your flights. All that can be a hassle, so book the whole thing with Thomson, and let them sort out everything for you.

Why choose a villa holiday

You might well be thinking, "why book a villa holiday, rather than stay in a hotel?". Well, both a hotel and a villa have their own pros and cons. The main reason we like a villa holiday is that you get some peace and quiet. Most villas have their own private pool, so you can take a quiet dip in the pool, and then spend some time catching up on a good book while laying on the terrace. Also, as villas are self-catering, you also get the choice of rustling up a bar-be-que - or popping out to a nearby restaurant for your evening meal. The choice is yours, you can come and go as you please.

Thomson Holiday Villas late deals
Late deal button on Thomson Villas
If you think a villa holiday could be for you, it's well worth popping over to Thomson Villas, to see what they can offer you. Many of the villas (especially where there are a lot of villas, like Spain) often have "late-deals" available. So when you've chosen a villa you like the look of, make sure you click on the "late deals" button to see what's available. The picture of the left shows where the late deals button is, so you know what to look for.

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