Thomas Cook Aquamania Holidays

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Aquamania Holidays – Spain, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Bulgaria and Florida

Thomas Cook Aquamania Holidays
Thomas Cook Aquamania Holidays

For an ideal holiday in the sun you may well want to consider an “Aquamania” resort from Thomas Cook. There are a handful of these resort
scattered around: Spain, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Bulgaria and Florida all have an Aquamania resort.
Aquamania holidays are specifically designed with families in mind – with the biggest draw being that every
resort has a waterpark either on the resort itself, or very close. Most kids love waterparks – and speaking
as parent of two waterpark loving nippers – the parents are quite keen too!

Generally waterparks can be quite expensive to enter though, especially if you’re planning on going every day –
and here’s the rub with the Aquamania parks. The cost of the waterpark is included in the price of your holiday;
and that’s not just one visit, but for the entire duration of your holiday. Take an Aquamania holiday, and you
can spend every day at the waterpark without the need to get a second mortgage when you return!

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Aquamania holidays are all-inclusive

Your Aquamania holiday is all-inclusive too, so you get all your meals, snacks and entertainment
included in the holiday price – and, of course, the water park is included too. All-inclusive has to
be the perfect way to budget for your holiday. Once you’ve paid for your holiday, you know you’re
not going to be forking out for snacks and drinks for the children every five minutes. Get the waterpark
thrown in too, and the younger members of the family will be kept busy all week.

Children’s Clubs

Many if the Aquamania resorts have a kids club – which is handy if you want to spend a little time by yourselves.
You can go to the Gym, relax in the Spa – or just lay on a sun lounger while the nippers are in good hands.

Try Aquamania from Thomas Cook

So, there you have it, Aquamania resorts from Thomas Cook… for a holiday in the sun it’s well
worth having a closer look to see what these resorts can offer you.

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