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GoCompare.com compare hundreds of home insurance quotes from UK home insurance companies to get the best home insurance quote for you. In addition to the GoCompare.com Home Insurance quote service, GoCompare.com also offer GoCompare.com Contents Insurance, GoCompare.com Travel Insurance and GoCompare.com Money.

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GoCompare.com Home Insurance covers a range of products including Contents & Buildings Insurance, Landlords Insurance, Tenants Insurance and also offers a useful Home Insurance Buyers Guide.

The GoCompare.com Insurance Quote comparison tool helps to find the right cover and the right price for you instantly. You simply enter your insurance details once and GoCompare.com do the rest - for Free!

GoCompare.com Home Insurance try to answer your key home insurance questions, including:

  • Why is it important to compare home insurance quotes?
  • How do I compare home insurance quotes?
  • How do home insurance policies differ?
  • Can Gocompare.com help me find cheap home insurance?

The Internet has significantly helped people to search for better insurance deals. Most people these days are confident enough to search online for cheaper car insurance and have now adopted this same approach when searching for home insurance renewals.

Whilst some people simply renew their existing home insurance policy, more and more people are turning to the GoCompare.com Home Insurance site to compare home insurance quotes. It costs nothing to use but could save you ££s. GoCompare.com have already saved thousands of people thousands of pounds.

Unlike home insurance companies, GoCompare.com help you to compare home insurance quotes from lots of different companies. This lets you choose which one is right for you. GoCompare.com Home Insurance quotes are NO different to the price you'd pay if you went direct to the insurance company.

There are many things that can affect the cost of your home insurance quote, including the cost of repairs, how many claims you've made or the increase in the value of your contents. This last factor is an important one for you to monitor. As you add new items to your household, such as a new TV or computer, it's important that you ensure your contents cover is sufficient.

Without GoCompare.com, if you want to compare home insurance, you have to visit each insurance company's website and fill in the same form on every website. However, by using GoCompare.com Home Insurance, all you do is fill in one form and let them do the rest for you - automatically.

Remember that one insurance company is different to the next. Some include things automatically and others you have to specify these extras. The GoCompare.com Home Insurance wizard helps you to choose what's important to you. It also helps you to compare each home insurance quote side by side. That way you can select a home insurance policy based on what you really need rather than what the insurance company wants you to have.

UK Home insurance is very competitive and so it is important to compare as many insurance quotes as possible. GoCompare.com help you do this quickly and easily - for Free!

If you are looking to reduce your home insurance quote, here are a few tips:

  • Join a neighbourhood watch scheme
  • Consider adding a voluntary excess on any claims
  • Fit a burglar alarm
  • Install secure locks on windows and doors
  • Install a safe for valuables
  • Fit a smoke alarm
  • Insulate your water pipes

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